Sunday, September 13, 2009

The desires of our hearts...

Since Aaron and I have been married, he has been driving my "hand-me-down" car, a 1994 Nissan Sentra.  This was my first car, the one my dad bought for me when I turned 15 to learn to drive on.  It still runs well, but a few weeks ago when Aaron took the Altima to Atlanta on a Friday and I drove the sentra to work I couldn't help but think, "Man, we need to get him a new car."  We've known a new car would be in the near future for awhile now, but were reluctant to give it up because we have two cars that are paid for.  Needless to say, I'd been praying about what we would/could do.  We have been saving, but even with that, all we would be able to purchase with our savings after buying a house last year, was another, probably less reliable used vehicle.  And taking out a loan was not something we really wanted to do either.  We also kind of wanted a truck or SUV because we need to "haul" things from time to time and had nothing to do it with.  Neither of these options are cheap.  Well, at least if you want a reliable one. 
A few months back, there was a picture on the cover of a JCrew magazine of the back end of a car that I looked at Aaron and said "That is a really nice looking car.  One day, I'd like to own a car like that."  I didn't think anything else about it.  Well, last Monday driving back from my parents for labor day, Aaron said "What if we got one of those Wagoneers?"  To which I responded "What's a Wagoneer?"  "That car you showed me on the magazine a while back, that's a Wagoneer."  (I told you I hadn't thought any more about it!)  We talked about it a little, looked online and found out they are something of a classic.  Aaron did all kinds of research on them, and looked online for them at used car sights.  These cars have such a following that you can actually buy them, completely rebuilt/restored from this guy out in California for like $30,000.  Well, if we had that much we would be able to buy a new car!  We found a few in pretty good condition in our price range, but most of them were several states away.  I finally suggested we look on Craigslist, and wouldn't you know it, we found one, color and interior we wanted, in GREAT shape, in our price range, and in Dallas, GA...only an hour and a half away.  Is it just me, or is that kind of a God thing?  We went up and looked at it, Aaron fell in love, (I'm pretty smitten myself) and we drove it home that night. 

His name is James, and who wouldn't be smitten with someone that good lookin'?  Aaron really enjoys driving it, and to me that's totally worth it.  He came home this past wednesday night and honked the horn in the driveway and "asked me out" for ice cream.  I must say, he also looks good driving it.  It was owned by a mechanic previously, who took amazing care of the car.  All it needs is a tune up and an AC repair.  We are SO thankful!  God answered my prayers far and away above all I could have expected.  


  1. what a cool car! "James" definitely looks like he belongs to you and Aaron! so happy you got a new car!

    hmmmm.....of course now you're giving me hope that the diamond ring i pointed out to steve in a magazine might end up under the christmas tree! ha ha! VERY unlikely! but a girl can dream :)

  2. oh i think you guys were super smart not to buy "brand" new. i don't think it's worth having a car payment and the second you drive it off the lot it loses so much value. even if we become zillionaires, i doubt we'll ever buy new-new.

    well maybe if we're zillionaires....ha ha! but millionaires, no! :)

  3. I love it! I love it that he names his cars. Does he park it on the front drive?