Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bathroom redo- stage 3

Well, again, more progress has been made! Finally I'm starting to get excited about the finished product. We are done painting the walls, ceiling, door and trim, the new light fixture is up and working, and the tub, windows and counter are freshly caulked, new hardware is on the cabinet, and a fresh door knob is on the door!! Whew! Now, all that's left is the floor installation, toilet installation, and hanging the towel and toilet paper holders. Oh yeah, and painting and rehanging the mirror, and painting the quarter round for the floor, and installing it. Then clean...clean...clean! I need to clean out my closet too...

I'm still hopeful we'll get done by the end of this weekend. Maybe. We'll see! With both of us working on it, hopefully we can get it all done.


  1. can't wait to see the final product! i know it'll be great!

  2. p.s.- just reading your "about me" section again and it makes me so sad we don't live closer. everything you said is what i love...i'd give you a call if we were closer for sure! :)