Wednesday, March 23, 2011's done.

On Friday night I thought the bathroom would be done by Sunday night. On Sunday night we said it would be done Monday night. Monday night we pushed it back to Tuesday night....*sigh*. We finally got it done Tuesday night. It wasn't for lack of trying, more lack of planning. Certain steps had extra steps we didn't plan on, or we didn't think about drying time...but finally, we have a new bathroom. While I picked out all the design elements, Aaron was my "skilled labor." In addition to laying the floor, he was also plumber and electrician. He did a wonderful job on all of it. We really like it! I was worried Aaron was going to think the shower curtain was too girly, but he called it "classy" so I'm good with that considering it was kind of the inspiration for the whole bathroom.

For two and a half years we haven't had a toilet paper holder in our bathroom. We just set the toilet paper on the back of the commode. It's the little things.

This was a disappointment for me. I love this little clock- I bought it because I wanted us to have something in the bathroom to tell time with, and I thought it matched perfectly and I loved the style. It works, but it's a wind up (no big deal- true vintage right?) but it ticks SO LOUD! Seriously, if all clocks were that loud back in the day I can understand why Captain Hook went nuts. I had to put it in a drawer until it ran down, and sadly now it will not be wound up again. Unless I decide I want to give Aaron the twitches. Anyone have any ideas on how I can make it functional and fix the tick, tick, ticking???
The cabinet in the photo is the same as before. I used spray glue to attach the zig zag fabric to some poster board to give it a little rigidity and then put it in the cabinet behind the glass. Now we can put not so pretty things in there without them looking not so pretty. :)

I don't know what I was happier about this morning. The new bathroom or the fact that my bedroom no longer had paint cans and supplies and trash bags full of stuff in it! I'm so glad to have my house back in order. Mari is too.


  1. I love that Mari approved :) It's awesome Natalie, but I knew it would be. Great job!

  2. Natalie it is truly gorgeous!!! You are very talented. What color is the paint?

  3. I am so jealous of you decorating skills. Great Job! I need to do a lot of decorating in our house so come for a visit.

  4. Paint color is Benjamin Moore's "titanium". I used their "Aura" paint because it is good for "high humidity environments". It dries super fast. I was pleased with it! I

  5. looks SOOO good Natalie! i love the pattern of the shower curtain and the fabric cover you did on the cabinet. great idea! and i would never think to put those 2 patterns together, but they look really good w/each other!

    now go relax and enjoy being project free for now! :)

    p.s.- oh and we have a battery clock that is very loud too! in the living room and steve always takes out the batteries if he's taking a nap in there. seriously- they can put a man on the moon but not take away the ticking sound of a clock??