Wednesday, January 2, 2013


We had a wonderful holiday season.  Probably one of the best in years.  A few of the best decisions we made: Wrapping gifts as I got them, decorating in installments (getting decorations down one day and then putting them up in segments made the process so much easier to handle), decorating with fresh greenery (nothing to put away, and it lasted surprisingly well) and scheduling a few days at home just the two of us amidst travel hustle and bustle.  That little reprieve was so welcome!  Also- reading the book "Behold the Lamb" as an advent devotional added so much to the story of Christmas for me.  (Now I tell you, right?)  File that for next year.

 Foggy Christmas.  I was working so the hubs went and took cool photos. 

Went to see Les Miserables with the in-laws.  EXCELLENT movie.  Must see. 

Sweet kitty under the tree.  She wasn't exactly a Christmas gift, but she is a gift.  

Got to spend New Years in this idyllic place.  Perfect for reorienting yourself for the New Year. 

Complete with a little star gazing...

Fun with the girls
Photography at it's finest

Sweet sweet littles
And relaxing.  

Hope your holiday was Wonderful too! 

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