Friday, January 7, 2011

Food, Friends and Photos...

A bonus with my job at the hospital is that, while I have to work three twelve hour shifts a week, I have four days a week off. Now on the days I work, that's pretty much all I do. You don't have much energy left after 12 hours of caring for sick people. But my days off...I get a whole day! The result is I have time to actually cook. Not just fix something to eat but really get in the kitchen and cook. Which I did tonight for Aaron, myself, and a couple from church who will be celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow. Again, many thanks to Ina for her wonderful recipes. You can find our menu here. Note: if you do make the steak, make sure you have a really large pan or either small steaks. Our steaks were huge, and I didn't have time to cook them in batches in my less than large enough pan. So, I put them in the oven to finish- and while they still tasted good (the bernaise sauce was amazing!) they lost the crispy outside you kind of want with a steak even though I braised them. Oh well.

And, in the process of uploading those photos of the food off my phone I realized I had a ton of photos I hadn't uploaded in a while. I thought I'd share! This past October we took a weekend trip to Savannah to with some friends to see a comedian we like. Of course we took some time to shop. If you ever visit Savannah do two things. Eat at "The Lady and Sons" (best dining experience I've had) and visit "The Paris Market." It's an antique store (sort of) in downtown Savannah. I could have moved in.

Necklaces made from old sorority pins and other things...ADORABLE.
Yes, that is a mercury glass skull. I don't know. Aaron is channeling his inner Hamlet. But notice the very cool lamp behind him.
Just an incredibly cool display. The whole store was like this...major eye candy.
Who would have thought that a bunch of old flashlights could be so picturesque? Seriously, you have to go.

We finally got the back hallway painted and new doors hung on the utility closet and laundry. Both sets of doors were dark wood with slats. Now the hallway is a lovely off white with bright white doors on both places. I bought these to dress it up some. Aaron and I found the mirror in Elijay, GA on our trip to see fall leaves. I ordered the print off line. I'm going to have to try and remember the store. I'll post pictures of the finished hallway when its done. I've got a few things left to finish up.

I sewed this cape for my nephew Nathan for Christmas. Sewing isn't my favorite thing usually, but this was kind of fun to do. He had a great time running around in it shooting his Uncle Aaron with a Nerf gun.

And finally a few shots of sweet kitty cats napping in comfy places. I'm feeling the vibe and heading to my own comfy place to sleep. Good night!

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  1. ok, this is random but....

    i noticed your pics w/aaron in the cape- is that an Ikea bookcase in the background? it looks like the Expedit (or something like that) series. i've been researching on getting one and just yesterday bought the smaller version of it for all of bailey's toys. the inspiration for it was this blog i found:

    apparently the Itso baskets from Target fit perfectly into the Expedit bookshelf. cool idea i think! i'm going to get the brown baskets and shove all her toys out of site when not being played with. yay for some of my sanity returning! ha ha!

    anyways- i thought if it was the same bookshelf you might like to know. of course i think the baskets look great, but always good to have options :)