Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past year I tried very hard to cut down on clutter and minimize.  To focus on only having things I truly love and use in my home.  I love Christmas and I love a Christmas tree- and we finally got ours up.  I tried this year to apply that same strategy to Christmas decor.  Less really IS more when it's things you love.

We've always had a live tree, but this year I upped the ante and used live clipped greenery for garlands/swags as well. I wanted decorations I didn't have to store.  You know what, I love it.

Yes, the lit trees are fake, but they are sooo easy....

I had the red berry wreath already, but decided it needed something extra- so I added some fresh greenery.  It may be my favorite thing this year.  

I usually put artificial swags in the kitchen, but this year I made my own real ones.  Very easy!

Peppermint sticks stuck in my green depression glass. 
 I want most of the "decor" in the kitchen to be edible! 

Our tree. 

My bottle-brush tree collection. One of my favorite things for sure! 

Old bottles in the guest bath topped with vintage ball ornaments.  Favorite things. 

Swag.  I bought the red houndstooth ribbon for gift wrapping and I loved it! 

Just a little greenery on the mantel.  Super easy. 
Merry Christmas! 

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  1. Okay, so I added greenery in the kitchen window with a BIG red truly makes dish-washing more enjoyable. ;)