Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Rabbit Room

Sunday evening we went with friends to Birmingham, AL to see a WONDERFUL  Christmas concert called "Behold the Lamb."  (FYI, there is also a CD...which I highly recommend you add to your Christmas music repertoire.)  While there, on the screen, they advertised a site/blog called "The Rabbit Room."  It could be called my own personal rabbit hole...because it has led me down numerous different paths all of which have culminated in the wasting of my morning.

Please, go check it out.  Just to assuage my conscience because really, these people post about what I only wish I could.  They are the applicable creatives that I only wish I could be- somehow making the poetic, pragmatic.  They are who I want to be when I grow up and who I am currently imagining are my best friends because they just "get me" and are oh, so cool.  And when I say cool I mean in the nerdiest, literary kind of way possible.  The most recent post is entitled "Gondor needs a King" and when I happened upon one expounding on Marc Cohn of "Walking in Memphis" greatness I knew I had met kindred spirits.  If you recognize none of these names please, google them and enlighten yourself.  That is all.

I hope you are enjoying advent!  PS- there is also a book called "Behold the Lamb" which is a series of 25 days of devotionals from scripture for advent.  Also oh so good.

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