Friday, July 24, 2009

Abandoned Astrid

This poor chair was found up for adoption at a local church. It's coat looks sadly worse for the wear after being abandoned and left for lost in a storage rooms for the better part of probably twenty years.

One leg has also been broken and poorly repaired.  But, immediately, we had a connection.  It's proud, strong heritage shone through it's disrepair, and it showed me that it still had long years of service left to offer a loving owner willing to lovingly care for it.  So, I loaded it up and brought it home.   It's thoroughbred line traces back and shares ancestry with this proud chair, the "Astrid."

And I am hoping that with a little minor surgery (new upholstery and legs) it will prove to be just as fine of a specimen!  Without the $1,298 price tag of the original pedigree!

  I also found a few other treasures that I was able to rescue from the cages of local antique stores and offer an extended useful life in a loving home.

This "Saturday Evening Post" from May 16, 1959 with this very telling picture of a Norman Rockwell painting will be a lovely conversation piece hung on my wall.  Sadly, the titles of articles inside are "Our Gamble with Destiny" and "Warning to Young Men".  How appropriate given the picture on the cover of a father lazily reading the sunday paper and smoking as his family head out to church with mom.  Notice the close attention his son is paying...hmm......

These lovely old bottles will get added to the collection I have displayed in the guest bathroom, and the old Kerosene lantern in a lovely navy blue will be put to use out on the porch.  

Finally, just a few fun things I thought were pretty.  The tin up top is an old watercolor tin.  The actual watercolors are still in the tin!  

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