Monday, July 20, 2009

Hammocks and basil.

I love summer.  Well, I love summer days like today, which seem like what summer days really were meant to be.  Sunny, in the low 80's, slight, cool breeze, and a free schedule!  Blank slate!  My husband would tell you that if I know I have a day off, I have something planned.  And, sadly, he's right.  I'm a perpetual planner and I also have a perpetual to-do list.  If I don't accomplish something in a day I usually feel like I wasted it.  Which is why today was so awesome!  I was supposed to work at the hospital, but got put on call, and then didn't get called in.  I love that!  It's like being given the gift of time. So, I spent time relaxing here in my hammock and then made this yummy dinner.  


One of the best things about summer is the fresh produce.  One of our church members was kind enough to share his crop of tomatoes, and while the huz doesn't appreciate, I'm LOVING them.  I made one of my favorite salads with them.  I had hoped Aaron would grill for me, but he didn't want to,  so I improvised this recipe for basil grilled chicken for the oven.
I just seared it in a pan first and then baked it until it was done.  It came out great!  
The tomato and red onion salad is simply ripe cherry or grape tomatoes halved, a red onion cut up, and some crumbled feta cheese.  Add a little balsalmic vinagrette salad dressing and toss.  It is SO yummy!  Add some crusty sourdough bread and sliced nectarines and you have the perfect meal to enjoy out on the porch!  I just wish I had sweet tea made to go with it!  

Mari is thoroughly enjoying the lovely weather as well!  

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  1. By the way

    She really has taken a break for the summer and it's going to resume in August, but I still do it as well as some of the other blogs I follow. I love it. I mean you know how I am about lists and such. :) You should do it too, it's awesome!

    <3 ya!