Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy Business....

Life is marching on.  I feel like if I blink fast, then it's going to be Christmas!  I was sick on Sunday afternoon and Monday (which was my last day off) so that put me terribly behind for the week.  I had a lot I needed to get done on Monday, but I ended up just rotating between the bed and the couch.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband was kind enough to take good care of me and I felt much better on Tuesday, just in time to head back to work.  Which, was good because if I hadn't gone back to work I would have been that much more behind.  But, my clinic is cleaned and mostly in order, and I'm ready for open house tomorrow!  (Will be a LONG day....)  
Anyway, I end my day today tired, but satisfied that I did all I could and so very thankful for the wonderful relationships we're developing at church.  
Sorry for such a short post, but, note the  "tired" from above....

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