Thursday, August 20, 2009


My mama and granny have always told me I have expensive taste.  (My daddy can't say anything 'cause I get it from him.) As a little girl, teenager, and young lady (well, maybe not little girl 'cause mama didn't take me to nice places, but you get the idea) this conversation was typical for shopping trips:
Natalie:  "Oh!  I like this one!"  "Oohhh..isn't this pretty?"  
Mama, as she looks at the price tag: "You WOULD like that one...."  

My poor mother.  I really do have a knack for loving the most expensive item in the store.  I know she wanted to get me whatever my little heart desired, but we just didn't have the money.  In the end I probably benefitted more from her frugalness than I ever would have her spending extravagantly on clothing that I was going to outgrow by the next season.  I have been greatly blessed by my parents managing their money well.  They helped make it easier for my husband and I to start out in life debt free.  Well, we owe on our home, but seriously, who doesn't unless you lived there 30 years.  It kinda makes me cringe though to see that we're paying for the house three times over almost in interest.  

I say all that to say, that, just after Aaron and I moved to Fort Worth, my sister-in-law, Kirsten introduced me to a sinful little store called Anthropologie.  My entire wardrobe could come from that store, and every season when the new catalog comes out, I drool.  Dog ear pages and drool.  And sigh.  Because, my school nursing salary and Aaron's minister salary hardly "responsibly" support a $120.00 blouse.  So, I do a couple of things to try and responsibly achieve the level of fashion I so desire.  I make a wish list on their website and watch for those items I really like to go on sale.  That makes the price tag a little better usually.  Or, I note their expertly assembled ensembles and then look for similar pieces at different stores.  A good store to try is Forever 21.  Urban Outfitters has good shoes sometimes, and you never know what you'll find in a random store somewhere.  I suppose that's the "thrill of the hunt".  Thank You Lord for the internet though, because Griffin is the Land that Retail forgot.  Except for the outlet mall (which has a nice selection of stores) we have a Belks, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Store.  Along with a few consignment shops.  Oh well.  Like I said, thank you Lord for the internet and shopping!  

Currently, I am swooning over these $298.00 boots. 

They are Frye boots, and I absolutely SWEAR mom, really, I would wear them with EVERYTHING! Maybe Aaron will get these for my "birthday/christmas gift".  Maybe I could get them early???   


  1. Natalie, I saw the cutest top ever at the Dollar Tree yesterday... I think it was in your size! :)


  2. those boots are drool-worthy! love them! hope you get them! btw- have you ever checked out Off Broadway Shoes? not sure if you have one around you, but it's where i go to get quality shoes that are good, but not astronomical in price. just a thought!