Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Musings...

Memory of Rain by Tapio Hurme.
Today turned out to be a perfect one for "musing".  I had to stay home from work due to some random virus I caught over the weekend, which, when I went to the Dr on Sunday told me all kinds of terrible things were going to happen to me, none of which have, thankfully, but I still felt peuny.  So, under Doctor's orders to "stay home" and husband's orders to "rest, no chores allowed" (does he know me or does he know me??) I guiltlessly rotated between the couch and the bed, enjoying little debbies and chicken noodle soup.  I did disobey the rules and do some laundry, but not until this evening, when I was feeling much better.  Plus, husbands do not always understand the fact that the laundry (and other things) do not necessarily disappear because we don't do them today.  They still, at some point, have to get done. 
Anyway, during my morning couch rotation I was watching the newest Dennis the Menace movie and laughed out loud at the following conversation between Margaret and Dennis.  Margaret, Dennis, and Joey are all heading to the treehouse.  Margaret has tons of "luggage" in tow...a doll, her stroller, and the accompanying "accoutrements".  Joey (who is lugging most of the accoutrements): "We could have brought a lot more stuff if you didn't have to bring that idiotic doll and all her stuff!" Margaret: "She's not idiotic, she's an important training tool. Know why men are so lousy when it comes to taking care of babies?"  Dennis:  "It's because they have better things to do."  Margaret: "Like what?  Play Golf and drink beer?" Dennis: "No, like hunting, having wars, driving cars, shaving, cleaning fish!  Do you know how to do that?"  Margaret:  "If you didn't have women, then you wouldn't have babies, which means you wouldn't have people."  Joey: "If you didn't have men, who'd drive the ladies to the hospital?"  If you aren't laughing should be!  
I think it's an age old fight men and women have.  Who is more important.  I know sometimes Aaron and I go at it about who does more/has the hardest job/works the most. In the end the answer is, we both work hard.  I think the bottom line is, we all need to know we're important.  That we matter, that what we do matters, and that other people appreciate it.  Problem is, we're usually all walking around stuck in our own cloud of "underappreciation" to notice that others need appreciating.  Especially the people closest to us sometimes.  So...thought for the day.  "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you will be hardened by sin's deceitfulness" Hebrews 3:13.  Let those you love and appreciate know you love an appreciate them!  And, on that note, I just want to say, to any of you out there who read my silly ramblings, thanks for listening!  I appreciate you!  


  1. Oh Girl I love you! Sorry you aren't feeling well - hope it was nothing like what we had.

    And I looooove reading your posts! Kudos girl!

  2. You are so P-r-e-c-i-o-u-s! I love you. I hope you feel better.

  3. If that's the movie version w/Walter Matheau (sp??), then I LOVE it too! My favorite is when Margaret makes Joey kiss the butt of her doll....just hilarious! Well i love your musings for the day and i think you are dead-on. So many arguments and problems can be boiled down to the fact that someone feels unappreciated or unaccepted in some way. That's why it's so good to have encouragers like you in the world- you've always been one and I imagine you're like that w/your patients and small group girls (and everyone else in your life!).

    well I hope you ended up feeling better. even though you felt icky, sounded like a nice, relaxing day!