Friday, October 16, 2009

Aaron and Natalie...

Okay, so I want to post, but don't have the energy or inspiration to post anything super deep at this point. My friend Renee recently did a "list" on her daughter Bailey that was super cute. Today my friend April did a list on her and her hubby that apparently she found on someone else's blog and is making it's way around the internet. While I always desire to be original and creative and new, this seemed fun. So, I'm jumping on the list wagon! I always enjoy reading these anyway. Hopefully you will too.

What are your middle names?
Aaron's is Matthew, mine is Bailey. I did not have a middle name growing up. Mom wanted to name me Natalie Edna, after her grandmother, but my dad vetoed that. After that I don't think they could decide, and mom didn't have a middle name until she got married, neither did her mom before her, so they just didn't give me one. Bailey is becoming a popular name though, so I guess it was a good last name to have become my middle name.

How long have you been together?
We dated three years and have been married five. Eight total. Man!

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Almost a year. We had mutual friends, (I almost dated his roommate, he did date a girl who had become one of my best friends...still love her by the way...) then finally became friends, and then started dating. The story is kind of funny. Aaron wanted to ask me out in the fall of our freshman year, but he did it in a round about way to where I ended up saying that "I didn't feel like God wanted me to date anyone right now." Which was the truth! We got together when God was ready for us to.

Who asked who out?
Umm...he didn't really ask me out, he asked if he could kiss me. :)

Who made the first move?
It's kind of funny, can totally tell we were 19. We were at a big concert in Atlanta called "music midtown." He kept me from being run over by a group of too hot mosh-pitters and then to stay together to weave through the crowd he held my hand. After there was no crowd he didn't let go of my hand...

How old are each of you?
27. I'll be 28 in December though and Aaron won't be until May.

Did you go to the same school?
We went to, and met, at the same college.

Are you from the same home town?
No. I'm from Warner Robins, Aaron's from Augusta.

Who is the smartest?
Definitely Aaron. He's probably the smartest person I know!

Who majored in what?
Aaron: Rhetoric in undergrad, Christian education in graduate school.
Me: Nursing.

Who is the most sensitive?
Me. I care a lot about what people think of me. My moods are easily swayed by the moods of others, and I tend to take on their concerns. It's not too hard to hurt my feelings. I'm not going to say Aaron could care less, because that's not true at all, he does care a lot about people. I think he's just more secure in who he is and things roll off of him easier. Over the course of our marriage he has taught me to be a little more thick-skinned (a necessary thing in ministry) and I have taught him to be a little more tactful. (Also a necessary thing in ministry!)

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Chick-fil-A. We also order pizza in a lot.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Who has the worst temper?
That would be me. Most people are surprised by this. When you really get to know me, I can get mad quickly, but if Aaron gets upset and raises his better check yourself!

How many children do you want?
I would like two. Aaron wants more like four or five. I figure we need to have one, and go from there....:) Either way, we both are looking forward to a family some day.

Who does the cooking?
Me! I enjoy cooking. Aaron is good at heating things up.

Who is more social?
I'm an introvert. Aaron is an extrovert. Therefore he is more social. However, again, over the course of our marriage he has become less social and I have become more so.

Who is the neat freak?
That would be me. Hands down! Clutter and disorganization stresses me out. While Aaron likes and appreciates cleanness, it isn't nearly as necessary for him as it is for me. (Sometimes I think he likes and appreciates it because I'm easier to live with when things are clean and in order.)

Who is the most stubborn?
We are both pretty stubborn but in different ways. Aaron will argue a point with you until he is blue in the face. I'm happy to agree to disagree. But, if it comes to doing something I'm going to fight to do it the way I want and make it work.

Who wakes up earlier?
Me. I rarely sleep past nine and start to turn into a pumpkin after midnight. Aaron could stay up until the wee hours of the morning and sleep until noon. Needless to say we hardly ever go to bed at the same time.

Where was your first date?
I guess our first official date was a picnic in Warner Robins.

Who has the bigger family?
We have the same size immediate family. Two parents and one sibling of the opposite sex who are each married and have two kids. Aaron has the larger extended family. His mom has four siblings each with multiple kids. My mom was an only child...both our dad's just had one brother. We are very blessed that both of our families are good, fun, loving people.

Do you get flowers often?
I buy them for myself pretty often, but Aaron hasn't bought me any since my first day of nursing five years ago. Probably partly because I buy them for myself. He does other sweet things for me though.

How do you spend the holidays?
We try to split them evenly between each of our families. We see each of them for part of each holiday and we are trying to alternate which family we actually spend Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day with each year.

Who is more jealous?
I think Aaron. He wants to protect me. I take it as a compliment when other women check him out! What can I say, I trust him.

How long did it take to get serious?
Since we were friends before we started dating there wasn't much "casual dating" because we already knew each other. We were exclusive the whole time we dated, but we didn't start talking about future plans until about nine months after we started dating.

Who eats more?
Aaron. He laughs at the portions I eat...

What do you do for a living?
I'm a school nurse. I also pick up shifts on an as needed basis in the ICU at the local hospital. I don't want to loose my clinical skills. Aaron is the "Pastor of Involvement" at a Baptist church. His job is help people get involved and connected into the church. He focuses a lot on small groups (sunday school, wednesday night discipleship classes) and ministry teams.

Who does the laundry?
I am the one who remembers it needs to be done every week, sorts it and washes it. Aaron is very good at helping me fold it and get it put away. Which is the worst part of the laundry if you ask me!

Who's better with the computer?
Aaron, hands down. I know how to do things on it, but Aaron knows how the programs actually work behind the scenes and how to trouble shoot. He's also a photo shop genius, is very creative with graphic design and he loves fonts. Yes fonts. We'll be out in public somewhere and he can tell you what font this certain sign is printed in.

Who drives when you are together?
Aaron most of the time. He's not one of those guys who always has to drive though. He likes for me to drive him sometimes.

What is "your song"?
"Drops of Jupiter" by Train, "I'll be" by Edwin McCain, "Smile" by Chris Rice and "Tell her this" by Del Amitri.

I'm so blessed that the "hottie" from my theatrical heritage class, first semester freshman year of college fell in love with me, and still loves me after five years of marriage. I love him more now that I did on our wedding day five years ago. We are opposites is just about every way possible, but God has used him in my life to help me become a better version of myself. You rock baby!


  1. Just look at you! Even had pictures to throw in! I don't even think I have ever posted any pictures of me and Doug back in the day - - might need to do that huh? Ya'll are so cute!

    I just wanted you to know I cried like a big baby reading all that!

  2. ok, i have the absolute memory! but what old roommate of Aaron's did you almost date??? Adam A??? why can't i remember that? getting so old....

    i love the question about who's most sensitive. a very good example of how mates are suppose to complement each other. i think yall do that very well!

    i am one of those people who is surprised you have the worst temper. not sweet Natalie!! but of course, i can picture you being very passionate about something and sticking to your guns and getting upset when it messes up. but if you've got the worst of the two- yall are doing good! don't come around my house when i'm in a bad mood- ha ha! (i'm working on it :) )

    oh and Aaron's love of fonts- if yall have netflix, there is an Instantwatch movie about the font "Helicuva" or something like that. i haven't actually watched it myself, but i'm sort of intrigued about it. but he would probably like it if that's his thing.

    and the pictures are so cute. it's hard to believe yall have been together since 19! wow! even though we're so young still, doesn't GCSU feel like ages ago?? well i love this list and definitely think you should keep it and look at it every anniversary or so. yall are adorable together :)