Monday, October 12, 2009

Enjoying the perks...

Well, today I am enjoying one of the other perks of working in the school system, and that is FALL BREAK!! It was very very nice to wake up this morning to cool rainy weather and know that I had no need to get up and head out into it. So, currently at 10:15 in the morning I am still in my pj's, sitting on the sofa with a kitty sleeping next to me. No shower yet, I just got up, made myself a nice breakfast that included some Chai Latte (from the box concentrate you get in the store), had a nice, reflective, leisurely quiet time with the Lord, checked my email, and now I'm typing this! If only it would last! I do have an eye appointment at 1:00 today, so I need to get a move on. Exercise, here I come! I need it after the weekend. Aaron and I went down Friday evening to spend the night with my parents and go to the fair! Yeah! A corn dog, onion rings, chocolate covered strawberries and banana, and a funnel cake later.....yeah. :) My mom and I split the funnel cake and the chocolate covered strawberries and banana, but still. Not the most healthy of food options. We got to ride the ferris wheel, look at some cool exhibits and enjoy the fireworks show. Thank you to my wonderful family for sticking around until the fireworks went off. I know you all probably would liked to leave earlier, and I'm thankful for you humoring me! It was a good night, weekend, and now, hopefully the start of a great week off! Happy fall everyone!

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