Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Today was one of THOSE days. So, I thought I'd share. Maybe it'll make you feel better about YOUR day!

5:00am- yes, AM. Alarm goes off. I have the best intentions for getting up, exercising, doing bible study and prayer time with God. Unhurried, unrushed, and starting my day off calm and collected, ahead of things. Sadly, a warm, comfortable bed + flannel sheets+ good dreams+ a snoring husband= turning off the alarm and falling back asleep.

6:00am - into bathroom. check weather on iphone. decide what to wear. usual shower/dressing/getting ready routine ensues.

6:45am- out of bathroom, feed cats, do about 30 minutes of bible study.

7:15am- out the door to work.
7:25 am- arrive at work. check in, check mail box, boot up computer, look in purse to get cash to pay for breakfast in the school cafeteria. I'm super glad that the one day of the year when I had no groceries and decide to buy breakfast and lunch, they are serving sausage biscuits! Realize that my wallet is in fact, not in my purse. Also realize that I left it in my hospital work bag from Saturday. Realize I drove around all day sunday without my license. Brilliant. Thank God for the protection there.
7:35 am- swallow pride and go to cafeteria, get yummy sausage biscuit and ask the nice cafeteria lady if I can pay her tomorrow. Thankfully she understands. I go enjoy my biscuit.
7:45 am- the morning business starts. check work email, a few students filter in to tell me about their wounds from the weekend...bumped heads, bruises, etc. I send them on to class.
8:30 am- begin the lovely lice checks. I have 12 to do...over the course of the day I only get 8 done. I clear none of them. Grrrr.......
10:30am- worn out from lice checks...unable to force myself to call another student up for one. Decide to start calling all the absentee's. Have to send the document to the network printer 5 times before it acutally prints. Each time I have to walk back and forth between the lounge and my office.
11:20am- done calling absentee's. In between I've seen a few sick students. None so sick they needed to go home. Go to cafeteria to get a lunch...opt for the salad with sliced peaches instead of the pizza. Again, very grateful to the cafeteria lady for being understanding and taking a rain check for my meal! Eat lunch.
12:00pm- Pass out meds, give breathing treatment.
12:30pm- do one more lice check. Another student comes in just as I'm finishing up. While she rests in the clinic, a lady I spoke to over the course of my absentee list calls back to apologize for being "rude". She expresses concerns over the situation of the student I called about. End up having to have a meeting with principal and counselor over getting the social worker involved.
1:15pm- finally call the mom about the lice. She tells me basically that I don't know what I'm talking about, that her physicians office told her that the lice shampoos kill the nits. I tell her that I'm sorry, the physicians office is misinformed. She tells me to check online. I tell her I have, and that I'll send information home from a few websites I've been to.
1:25pm- Triumphantly print out information from the CDC website backing me up. Highlight key phrases for her. Take information to students classroom and put it in her notebook marked "from the nurse."
1:30pm- take care of several lost teeth, one who was pulled probably a little to soon in an effort to make sure it came out at school so she would get a tooth necklace. Count up numbers of visits for the day and the number of students out with flu, email to my supervisor, hand out a few afternoon meds, and shut down my computer in an effort to speed up my exit later.
2:40pm- have to go to a classroom where a student tripped, fell, hit her knee and now apparently "can't walk". Hmmm....knee is slightly red, she is currently sitting in the desk crying. Give her an ice pack, assure her she is not seriously injured and that her knee will be fine. Note home to her mom about what happened.
2:45- to van duty. The next thirty minutes ensue with lots of: "Can I use the restroom?" "Can I get some water?" "May I go to the library?" "What's wrong with the fish?" "Can I look at the fish?" "Can I borrow a pencil?" "Tell him to stop looking at me!" My responses included but are not limited to: "No, you may not." "Yes, you may." "Every day you ask me for a pencil. When are you going to remember that you need to bring one? No you may not borrow it." "No, you may not borrow it, stop asking me." "Sit down." "Talk softer." "If you don't want him to look at you why did you sit directly in front of him?" "The fish is dead. No, I don't know why." "No, you may not go to the library, stop asking me."

3:30pm- home to pick up wallet and head to wal -mart for groceries.
4:00pm- get to wal-mart. realize that I left my list sitting on my desk at work. Frantically try to make a list of what I remember was on the list. The fire pit I wanted, and they said was in stock, is not in stock. Lovely.
4:15pm- good friend calls, talk to her while I shop.
5:00pm- check out, head home. unload car. Aaron gets home, helps. Buy fire pit online, have to pay way too much to get it here by saturday.
5:30pm- start on dinner. chicken pot pie! All is going well until the crust. I used the flour for the double crust pie and the shortening for the single crust pie. Brilliant again Natalie. Make it work, (It was too late to add in the additional shortening). Pray for a decent crust. Clean up kitchen, sweep kitchen floor, pack lunch, clean up mail, sit down for a few minutes.
6:25pm- eat. Aaron leaves afterwards to head back up to the church to make phone calls.
7:00pm- start dishwasher. finish cleaning up kitchen.
7:15pm- hot bath, finish bible study from this morning I couldn't finish then. Amazingly enough it's on budgeting your time and making time to seek God in prayer. Make mental note to actually get up at 5:00 tomorrow. Pray. check email, read blogs. Blog myself.
8:30pm- call in to this "webinar" thing I signed up to do at work on healthier options for school fundraisers. (i.e. not cookies dough or chicken biscuit sales). Find out the call is not toll-free. Disconnect! Finish blog...turn out lights and go to bed early. Thank God for a productive, disaster free day. Pray for a better one tomorrow.

Good night!

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  1. ok, i know this was a bad day for you, but i couldn't help laughing through the whole thing! partly b/c like everyone else, i've definitely had those days too, but also, b/c it was quite cute and funny.....i love all the "Brilliant Natalie"s, and the tooth necklace?? hilarious! kids are so funny! and the borrowing money from the nice lunch lady- been there WAY too many times. makes you feel like a kid again, huh? and all your school descriptions makes me miss teaching SO much! i wish we lived in the same state and i could be a teacher and you could be the nurse at the same school and we could bum money off each other instead of the lunch ladies.....that would be awesome! hope your week did get better!