Thursday, October 29, 2009

the cleaning sickness.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is something wrong with me. Seriously. I came home today after working and set to work on my usual weekly house cleaning routine. I picked up randomly strewn objects and put them away, and started dusting. After dusting in the dining room I happened to look out the door onto the screened in porch. I thought, man, I need to sweep and wipe the furniture down out there. So I open the door to go do those things, when I notice how nasty the door is. So, I clean all the panes of glass in the door and wipe down the outside. I'm so pleased with the results of that effort that I decide to clean all my windows. An hour later I'm on a ladder, precariously perched trying to get to the top of my bedroom window. I had to actually tell myself that clean window panes were not worth a visit to the ER, and that I needed to stop. Besides the fact that if something did happen, Aaron would probably report me missing before he looked on that side of the house for me. (It's all hidden in trees and shrubbery). So, I stopped. Well, I stopped cleaning the windows. I also cleaned the bathroom and dusted. Here's the crazy part. All of that gives me the most wonderful sense of satisfaction...that I may, MAY actually be able to report that perhaps I enjoyed this process?! What is wrong with me!


  1. Nothing is wrong with you. I came home from a long day at work and immediately cleaned the outside and inside of the kitchen window. I cleaned it because I happened to be home this morning (having my new dishwasher installed) when the sun tried to shine through the (dirty) window. Just glad you are careful on ladders.

  2. will you please somehow infect me w/this cleaning sickness?? sadly, i live w/the clutter and dust too often.... :( boo!