Friday, November 11, 2011

A clean house.

I cleaned like a mad woman Thursday. I mean...CLEANED. From windows to the oven, if you could be put in the washer you were washed, if you could be wiped down you were wiped and if you could be vacuumed, you were vacuumed! I don't particularly love cleaning. But, I really love a clean house. More importantly, fall cleaning is off my plate and mind so I can move on with the merriment of the holidays! Or, at least wasting hours browsing online for gifts. I'm serious when I tell you that if I could buy groceries online, I would.
I'm so thankful for my home. And, the internet which allows me to shop from home in my pj's. And, for that matter, all the free shipping deals this time of the year. PJ's, no crowds, no time in the car, no money spent on gas and free shipping!? Remind me again why you would go to the store?

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