Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love Wednesdays. It's a busy day for me, I'm always off on Wednesdays (or try to be) so I can be at church. So, it's also my "housekeeping" day. My day to clean, do laundry, buy groceries...all the essential stuff that needs to get done every week. I enjoy puttering around the house, I enjoy eating dinner with friends at church (and not having to cook!) and I enjoy Wednesday night Bible study. Usually I teach a women's class, and we always have a blast. Occasionally in the past I when I needed a break I would take Aaron's Wednesday night class. I always learn so much from his classes, and the group of regulars he has in there are just a hoot and some of the greatest people. I love my girls, but occasionally it's nice to change things up a bit.
Lately, it's been doubly great because Aaron and I have actually been teaching a class together called "Remember" on the Jewish feasts. He's done all the research and "Bible teaching" about them, and I've been the Application section. It has been great fun, both in class on Wednesday nights and during the week at home because we talk about it and plan together. This past Wednesday night was on Sukkoth, or "festival of booths" where Jewish families remember the time they spent wandering as nomads in the wilderness. The focus is on being thankful for all that God has blessed them with. So, naturally this holiday ties in easily with the Thanksgiving holiday. I had them write what they were thankful for on pieces of paper on the table and told them to go nuts with their creative sides. Boy did they. :) They made me smile so much I actually brought them home and put them on my dining room table.

And my personal favorite...

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to teach with my husband, to attend such a great church, and to get to study scripture with such a great group of people!

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