Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giving Thanks

Long time no see. In true Natalie fashion, I tend to only do this when I have something specific I want to share (project, etc.) Well, no real projects right now (are you kidding...the holidays are coming up!) but for this month I really want to focus on being thankful. So, for every day of this month, I'm going to post about something I'm thankful for. I'm a few days behind, I know. So for today I'm going to play catch up....six things I'm thankful for.

1. This lady. She was in the hospital last week, and it just reminded me how grateful I should be to still get to have her around. Growing up she was willing to do whatever I asked (almost) to entertain me. She still is a constant source of laughter and love, and not to mention all those yummy recipes she has passed down. My mom and I are still going to require her to supervise kitchen duty for thanksgiving because without her, we know the dressing won't come out right!

2. These colors. The change of seasons is so necessary to our souls, I think!

3. My furry babies. Without them, life would be decidedly less interesting and cozy.

4. Date nights. I love it when we linger over dinner because we still have so much to say! (I'm also thankful for the tiny doughnuts at O'Charley's...yummy!!)

5. Pinterest. My creative and organizational brain loves it! (You can follow me here.)

6. My Sunday School class. These ladies are the best...and even suggested the idea to do adopt a needy family for Christmas! I love them!

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